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Single Loan Financing 

  • Not income based lending - Asset based lending
  • No experience required (better rates for experience)
  • 10-30% down for purchase, more experience the lower the rate 
  • Low Credit Scores are okay (620 to 660 for better rates)
  • Loans closing in as little as 3 days for "Fast Money", "Smart Money" in as little as 15 days.
  • Lower Lender Fees - Industry standard is 4-6 points per loan. New investors pay 3 points, experienced inverstor pay 2 points.
  • Lower Interest rates - Industry standard is 14%-18%. Our loans ranage from 10% -13% rates based on experience. 
  • Funding Guarantee - We give you "Peace of Mind" by working with you until you get funded, period.
  • Flat fee for a loan is $1,000 - Most Consultants or Brokers charge $3-5K and don't and won't do half what we do for you.
  • We issue Pre-Approval Letters to put with each of your offer letters. 
  • We provide you with a Free secure electronic storage file. This helps you get organized and ready for a loan before things are processed by the lenders. 
  • Types of Loans: fix and flip, construction, buy and hold(rentals), multi-family, retail, large commercial. 

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Real Estate Line of Credit - RELOC 

  • Minimum of $50k liquid assets
  • 620 or better Credit Score - higher score = better rates & terms 
  • Minimum Experience is 1 Fix & Flip or own a rental in the last 2 years 
  • One time Flat fee of $2,000 upfront, a total of 1/2 point of an origination fee based on the value of the RELOC. The balance of the 1/2 point is paid once you have close a loan using the RELOC. Industry Standard is 1 point. 
  • Lower Interest rates - RELOC rates range from 8-11%.
  • Multiple deals at a time
  • NOT like a HELOC - Requires a propety purchase to use 

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